The Californian Proxy


What is California Proxy?

California Proxy lets you surf the net the Californian way. Although we can't provide Cali's sun, surf and lifestyle, we can deliver a superior internet surfing experience! The goal of California Proxy is to allow you to access social networking sites even if you're in the office or at school. Universities, schools and offices have made steps to filter websites and more institutions are following the lead. California proxy is used to overcome internet firewalls, but please be responsible and only use the proxy for good! California proxy should be used to aid in research or work-related tasks. If used responsibly, Californian proxy could be very useful and could help you finish your work in no time.

Thanks for visiting California proxy! You don't need to be a Silicon Valley whizz kid to know that the internet can be a dangerous place. New viruses and exploits are appearing regularly and we are striving to make sure that our Californian proxy provides you the protection you need! I hope you will enjoy using the site and will share it with your friends!

California Proxy is your taste of California on the web!